Google’s Re.City pilot project

As part of an internship within the Amsterdam Time Machine, under the supervision of Melvin Wevers and Chiara Piccoli, Daan Groot evaluated Google’s new tool , also known as ‘Re.City’. Through crowdsourcing, Google seeks to gather metadata, maps, pictures, and even 3D models of historical cities. In their 3D platform, Re.City will generate all buildings existing in a chosen timeframe as basic meshes created from their building footprint and their associated height information. Using a time slider, users can travel in the 2D or 3D environment from 1800 to 2000. The internship aimed to go through the whole pipeline of Re.City to evaluate the platform and identify which input data are needed.

To learn about the results of this exploration into Re.City, you can read Daan’s blog post on this website.