The Amsterdam Diaries Time Machine Project is the first public application of the Amsterdam Time Machine. It was created in the context of Amsterdam Diaries research projects ((a.k.a. Memories of Amsterdam)) of researchers Marleen Rensen (UvA) and Babs Boter (VU). The Amsterdam Diaries Time Machine website presents six diariesContinue Reading

The Amsterdam Time Machine is working on several different applications, each illustrating a part of the ATM philosophy. In the Jewish Quarter project, the subject of an earlier post, the central goal is to connect datasets from different archives and museums that enable story telling about people, houses, and eventsContinue Reading

The Amsterdam Time Machine collaborates with researchers from Amsterdam Diaries, a project led by Babs Boter (Free University Amsterdam) and Marleen Rensen (University of Amsterdam). This project aims to collect, study, and present personal stories on the city of Amsterdam throughout the centuries to a broad audience. With an interdisciplinaryContinue Reading