Living and Working in 19th Century Amsterdam

In this project, CREATE programmers and researchers are working on extracting and connecting information on people living and working in Amsterdam during the nineteenth century.

The population registers [=Bevolkingsregisters] of Amsterdam in parts 1851-1853, 1853-1863 and 1874-1893 provide information on the history of inhabitants of residences in Amsterdam in the time period 1851-1893. Per residence, information is available on the address, the names of the residents, their birth date, birthplace, and occupation (in 1851-1853). Address books from the same period are also being digitized, providing additional information on economic activities, occupations and social organization.

Exploring, transforming and linking the data from these registers to address books and other sources (e.g. Trade Registers) allows for a more comprehensive picture of the history of Amsterdam and its inhabitants, and facilitates research on social mobility, social stratification, demographic spread and population density and movement in nineteenth century Amsterdam possible.