Our Project Manager: Boudewijn Koopmans

My name is Boudewijn Koopmans and I have been working as a project manager for the Amsterdam Time Machine Since June 2022. After a fruitful decade as the head of development in museums such as the Mauritshuis in the Hague and the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam, I’m very happy to be working alongside so many inspiring researchers, data engineers and teachers at the University of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Time Machine is at the core a research project covering many aspects of the digital humanities. This means our activities vary quite a bit. On a daily basis we are for example thinking about the best way to connect data from almost 750 years of Amsterdam history, but also about questions how knowledge from the past can help us to understand the present and even shape the future. We are not doing this on our own but together with a wide range of partners. The City of Amsterdam is an important partner and we are also cooperating with archives such as the Amsterdam City Archives and the International Institute of Social History (IISG). Because of my museal background, I find it very rewarding to working together with museums like the Jewish Museum, Arcam and the Amsterdam Museum. Together we make an effort to bringing the stories of Amsterdam to the public. Last but not least, we are part of the European Time Machine Organization where we try to connect the histories of European cities and regions over the past many centuries.