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Amsterdam Address book 1907 - This project focuses on data from the Amsterdam Address book of 1907. Names of persons and companies, their professions and addresses were extracted using regularRead more
Amsterdam in …. : an application to explore ATM data - Amsterdam in is an ongoing project aimed at showing which resources are already available as Linked Open Data (and which aren’t). It’s updated regularly, ifRead more
Golden Agents - Painting, printmaking, book production and other creative industries of the Dutch Golden Age are of continuous interest to Dutch and foreign scholars from various disciplines.Read more
Google’s Re.City pilot project - As part of an internship within the Amsterdam Time Machine, under the supervision of Melvin Wevers and Chiara Piccoli, Daan Groot evaluated Google’s new toolRead more
HisGIS/CLARIAH for ATM – building a geo infrastructure for time travel - The CLARIAH-board  awarded the Amsterdam Time Machine (ATM) project  a grant of € 251.000,- to help realize the geographical infrastructure . Thanks to this grantRead more
Historical Amsterdam in 3D/4D – pilot study - One of the aims of the Amsterdam Time Machine is to develop a 3D/4D urban model where socio-historical data about the city can be mappedRead more
Imitation and emulation in Rembrandt’s neighborhood - This research intends to fill this gap through deep-mapping the production and consumption of painting in seventeenth-century Amsterdam, with a focus on Rembrandt’s neighborhood, Sint Antoniesbreestraat. Read more
Integration and Social Mobility: The Descendants of Early Modern Immigrants in Amsterdam, 1660-1811 - The project ‘Integration and Social Mobility: The Descendants of Early Modern Immigrants in Amsterdam, 1660-1811’ addresses one of the major questions in Dutch migration history:Read more
Living and working in 19thC Amsterdam - In this project, CREATE programmers and researchers are working on extracting and connecting information on people living and working in Amsterdam during the nineteenth century.Read more
Living with Water in Amsterdam: A pilot ‘proof of concept’ of the Amsterdam Time Machine - Water and its management are topical issues for Amsterdam, as they have always been in the past. Over the centuries, a complex system of locksRead more
Out on the town: leisure & nightlife - This project brings together various efforts to collect, map and analyse data on Amsterdam leisure and nightlife venues, such as data on cinema’s, theaters, musicRead more
The Freedom of the Streets: Gender & Urban Space in Eurasia 1600-1850 - We analyse the gendering of urban space in the early modern city. It is widely held that between 1600 and 1850, women gradually withdrew from the public sphere of the street and moved to the private sphere of the home. This powerful narrative, linked to theories of modernisation, has created a conceptual stranglehold that sees public space as exclusively male and private space as entirely female, thereby obscuring the actual workings of gender in pre-industrial urban societies.Read more
Virtual Interiors as Interfaces for Big Historical Data - The Virtual Interiors project focuses on the question of how we can develop and publish 2D/3D/4D user interfaces to the linked data of the Semantic Web in the form of digital maps and virtual rooms using historical data on the production and the consumption of the Dutch Golden Age. Read more